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The 373 camera root and kernel will be compiled using OpenEmbedded on this wikipage we document some good to remember hints that most likely can be used for new development later. Babysteps ;)


We are doing serial uploading in modemy file transfermode for Minicom this is ctrl-a s, modemy. Because browsing in Minicom is bad, it is good to set a default root directory in the configuration. Once you found your file, press Space and Enter.

In order to transfer with Minicom you will require the package lrzsz, without it nothing happens.

Kernel Config

The defkernel in OpenEmbedded has an option: CONFIG_INITRAMFS_SOURCE, this should get the full path to the rootfs we want to serve. In order to get a new rootfs into the kernel:

bitbake -c clean virtual/kernel
bitbake virtual/kernel

This really sucks, because it takes a long time.

Additionally, disable CONFIG_RD_GZIP, for some smaller kernel replace it with:


Making uImages as Ramdisk

pundit:~/10373/angstrom-2008# ./staging/x86_64-linux/usr/bin/uboot-mkimage -n 'Simple Ramdisk Image' -A arm \
-O linux -T ramdisk -C gzip -d ./deploy/glibc/images/dm6467-evm/minimalist-image-dm6467-evm.jffs2 \
Image Name:   Simple Ramdisk Image
Created:      Fri Oct 30 19:42:12 2009
Image Type:   ARM Linux RAMDisk Image (gzip compressed)
Data Size:    5767168 Bytes = 5632.00 kB = 5.50 MB
Load Address: 0x00000000
Entry Point:  0x00000000