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  • bug/feature request: add a way to see if a new file segment has been started and how many file segments a single recording already has (like new parameters: <file_segments> <current_file_segment> in xml status output)


We started using a dedicated bug/issue management system, please use it instead of adding entries to this page: http://bugs.apertus.org/thebuggenie/


  • implement a method to keep files (video clips, etc) and audio files on viewfinder computer in sync so all files are present on both systems...FTP upload/download?
  • automatically create a textfile in every clip folder after finishing a recording with metadata (eg: meta.txt with recording settings, dates, number of file segments and their filenames, etc.)
  • add realtime graph showing focus quality (= amount of high frequency in image) in main layout
  • add "view last recorded clip" button in mainlayout
  • add "Fullscreen" video button in mainlayout.
  • (Stereo3D mode) show info for both cameras (buffer status, HDD space etc.)
  • Add tool-tip balloon when pressing an Ebutton for 1 or 2 seconds.
  • Implement Hotkeys for every Button on screen - either underline the Key in the Text or add a "Hotkey: [S]" information to every tooltip balloon
  • allow navigating EButtons with cursor keys (up-down-left-right-select) - highlight current selection button somehow
  • add button to mainlayout to disable/enable input -> disable all keys on mainlayout, should act as a key lock
  • bug that does not let you change shutter anymore after setting FPS in triggered mode where shutter is lower than 1/FPS
  • Shutter needs to be reset to highest possible (1/fps) on fps change in freerun mode
  • create formula that calculates highest possible shutter for triggered mode with certain FPS
  • bug: frame skipping and second skipping custom FPS settings are also active when not using custom fps preset
  • add automatic download feature of still images
  • add download folder user setting
  • add photo review button and gallery of recorded stills
  • add textfield to photo settings that are post capture executed: “dng convert -> ufraw open” to enable single click capture of photo, transfer, convert, open in dcraw/ufraw
  • finish gstreamer integration
  • make custom gamma curve settings work
  • color bars test pattern button for monitor calibration
  • bugs: build (276): info area text overflows -> to save space it would be best to use icons instead of text for example for Whitebalance presets to replace long words like "Flourescent"
  • bugs: build (276): Setting Record Delay no longer works


  • Add GUI options to set camera names like "LEFT"/"RIGHT" in Stereo 3D mode.
  • ability to display a still image in the video preview area
  • add movie split duration parameter (currently the default is 60 seconds which is far too short) in the GUI and also use a higher default value, maybe 30 minutes or 1 hour
  • change "live video" button in mainlayout to loop through available camera streams and disabled, like "camera1 -> camera2 -> disabled -> camera1 -> ..."
  • allow "slow shutter", shutter longer then 1/FPS to allow reducing FPS.
  • add button to mainlayout to disable live video stream
  • add warning notice on circbuffer buffer overflow
  • (Stereo3D mode) automatically initialise master / slave trigger parameters at startup
  • (Stereo3D mode) control fps using TRIG_PERIOD rather than FP1000SLIM
  • (Stereo3D mode) use only one record start button, get rid of the "Rec Test" one
  • (Stereo3D mode) changing of all parameters applies to both cameras (eg Movie Split Size)
  • implement client side (computer that EV is running on) audio recording (not perfectly in sync with video from camera) but at least match file names and with use of a clapper-board it should be easy to align in post-production.
  • automatically create a new folder for every recording, store all file segments of the same recording in there,
  • after finishing a recording create md5 hashes of all video segment files (video123.mov -> video123.md5), this will help making sure that (ftp) transfered files match the file on the camera HDD