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  • Save / restore / initialize NC393 based camera systems parameters.


  • The project was ported from NC353 camera series with minor changes related to:
    • reading the extension board information
    • having 4 sensor ports instead of a single one
  • The camera system type is stored in the EEPROM of the 10389 extension board and is not reset by software updates
  • Depending on the initialized ports the configuration files are stored in /etc/elphel393/: -> /etc/elphel393/autocampars0.xml -> /etc/elphel393/autocampars1.xml -> /etc/elphel393/autocampars2.xml -> /etc/elphel393/autocampars3.xml
  • Storing parameters is done individually per port (access and hit save 4x times).
  • If the configuration for a port not found on boot but it was initialized - a new default configuration is created
  • If accessed from a browser supports:
    • reboot - works for single cameras, for multi camera systems works for the master camera that is supposed to reboot others.
    • cancel sync - if the camera was booted from NAND flash - cancels syncing of the overlayfs layers if not needed - as any changes to the configuration files through the web interface raise a sync 'flag' (/tmp/overlay_sync)


Fig.1 autocampars.php web interface


  • (Fig.1)
    • the top table gives access to change the camera/sensor parameters through parsedit.php interface. The parameters are split into groups. Select groups of interest then follow View/Edit current link.
    • the bottom table allows to save/restore the configuration of all parameters. If boot from NAND flash the changed configs must be synced to survive reboot - use either REBOOT button or shutdown -r now ('reboot -f' will not sync overlayfs layers)

command line

  • only to (re)create new config


$ ssh root@
root@elphel393:~# /usr/bin/autocampars.php


Usage: /usr/bin/autocampars.php [--init] [--new] [--ignore-revision]
Initialize camera using saved parameters (usually at boot)