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  • add the new files to the CVS
cvs add
  • remove old ones that are not replaced
cvs remove 
  • make sure the cvs tree is up to date
cvs update -d

you can also use "make update" command from the top directory


  • edit src.list to add those new files,
  • comment out the old unneeded ones with '#', files in the same level should go in alphabetical order.
  • Run ./diff_srclist_cvs script in the top directory, make sure it comes out with empty output


  • modify Makefile in your installation directory so it will install the new files (and do not install old ones if you removed them!)


  • in the case you added the new subdirectory with it's own Makefile that needs to run during build - edit subdirs.list and add you directory. Usually the new directories are added the very end (if none other depend on them)


  • currently there is no automatic way to verify that Makefile will not try to use non-existent (in src.list, CVS) files, so it would be nice if you run top make now, generate source archive and install it in the new directory, making sure 'make' is happy and was able to find everything it needed. If you got any problems at this stage and do not have immediate solution - just remove this directory from the subdirs.list until the issue is resolved. If you do this and if the ./diff_srclist_cvs output is empty - it is safe to commit changes to the CVS without breaking installation.


  • commit all the changes made to the CVS (add/remove files, modified src.list, Makefile(s))
cvs commit
  • provide descriptive commit messag


  • build new source tree
  • enter the newly created folder and then run
  • compare old and new target.list
diff target.list
  • commit new overwrite target.list with if all differences are intended
  • commit new target.list