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Update - use script fix_cvs to fix these problems (maybe not the last one with the wrong time)

Sometimes we fix the bugs in the files that we used from the Axis SDK and these files were not included in our CVS project tree. When you update from the CVS it results in an error message, like:

cvs update: move away `os/linux-2.6-tag--devboard-R2_10-4/scripts/mod/sumversion.c'; it is in the way

This happens because such file already exists in your local directory.

Trying obvious solution - delete this file and re-update in some cases does not help - first time everything goes fine and you get the file, but when you try to update again - the same message about "it is in the way" comes again.

I hope we'll make some script (done)to cure that problem, meanwhile here is a manual solution (I'm considering the same example) - you need to add references in the higher level directories for some reason they do not come automatically (because of the initial conflict?). In this case os/linux-2.6-tag--devboard-R2_10-4/CVS/Entries did not have any knowledge of 'scripts' and os/linux-2.6-tag--devboard-R2_10-4/scripts - any knowledge of 'mod',so these lines are needed in

os/linux-2.6-tag--devboard-R2_10-4/CVS/Entries (add the last line shown in bold):







Unfortunately even this is sometimes not enough - on my computer CVS got confused with the different time zones - the first checkout during update put the UTC of the update time, then during next updates treated it as local time, adding 7 hours difference. And the file in the CVS was younger than 7 hours, - that led to the same it is in the way. In that case you either have to repeat the procedure of deleting file and re-updating later, or to change the timestamp in the


/sumversion.c/1.1/Mon Dec 22 19:26:05 2008//