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This is a legacy page. The information bellow is not compatible with Elphel 393 or 353/363 series cameras.

The control panel is a new feature on the Elphel cameras that allows for:

  • A quick scan of camera hardware & software status
  • A separate report of camera hardware & software status can be generated, this can be sent to Elphel for the aid of troubleshooting the cameras or for personal use.

Current Status

This project is currently in BETA, and can be found at http://camera address/UI.html after reflashing with the latest tarball

The Control Panel can show the following information

  • Camera IP address, Gateway, Broadcast Address, Netmask, and other network settings
  • Camera Serial Number
  • Camera Software Version
  • Processes (Daemons) currently running on the camera
  • FPGA info
  • fpga_sdram_phase
  • Cat_interupts

You can change the following network settings with the Control Panel

  • Camera IP address
  • Broadcast address
  • Netmask
  • Gateway

All of this information is included in a status report the camera is able to generate. This report can be sent to Elphel support for help with troubleshooting.

This new version of the control panel will feature a tabbed interface and will be written with expansion and modularization in mind.


The back-end will be a simple php script that calls functions and indexes them into a simple xml file, which is parsed by the javascript in the front-end.


General Tab

The general tab will be the first seen (like the index) and will display general information, quickly accessed, including:

  • Camera software:
    • Camera IP address, netmask, browadcast, gateway & multicast address
    • Date & Time
    • Load average, ps
    • Software version
    • 10353 FPGA code version, revision & information
    • 10359 FPGA code version, revision & information
    • 10347 FPGA code version, revision & information
  • Camera hardware:
    • Camera serial number (MAC address) and 10353 revision number, Manufacturing Date.
    • Sensor model and revision
    • Detected boards (10359, 10369, 10347, ...)
      • If 10369 is detected, show connected hardware (df -h, CF, IDE HD, SATA HD, USB devices, temperature, ...)
      • If 10359 is detected, try to detect cascaded 10359, try to detect other connected 10353, detect connected sensors
  • Compiled camera status for bug reporting
  • /*source inside*/ logo (links):
    • source code on the camera
    • the Axis developer wiki
    • the Elphel website
    • the Elphel wiki
    • Sourceforge page
    • Admin-bin built-in program

Configuration Tab

  • Change the default application
  • Add additional application(s)
  • Change Network Settings
  • Change Date & Time
    • by syncing to the computer time
    • by configuring and setting NTP client at boot
  • Change root password & lighttpd password
  • Configure actions to perform at boot
    • daemons what should be loaded or not
    • send an e-mail at boot
    • execute an URL at boot
  • Reboot the camera

Board specific tab

10359 board

  • Configure the default application of the 10359
  • ...

10369 board

  • Configure thermometer/fan
  • Configure kernel modules for additional hardware (USB, ...)
  • Configure CF/IDE/SATA
  • Configure camera synchronization
  • Configure RS232 (console port or serial port and settings)
  • Configure CMOS clock

Help Tab

The help tab will have some clarifications of the project, but will not be a substitute for good design.

Other Changes

  • Confirm Changes Dialogue:
    • A simple dialogue that confirms changes (alert) and an ajax-dynamic tab that lists changes (a hidden div)


Any suggestions for features or additional camera information you would like to see should be listed here.