Desert Star Systems

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Desert Star Systems

Desert Star Systems home page

DSS is a small company that designs and manufactures a variety of equipment for specialty applications, primarily oceanographic and military.

We are currently helping support the SCINI: Submersible Capable of under Ice Navigation and Imaging with acoustic navigation and image data collection. Our first project with the elphel camera will be a simplified image capture and annotation application in support of SCINI.

Future Projects

We are also exploring the use of the camera in future imaging applications. Some research projects which we will be undertaking, once the learning curve has been climbed:

Histogram spreading to allow for the trade off of image noise vs exposure time/light level

BTC compression for high frame rate at the expense of bandwidth and to free up some on-board FPGA space.

More application specific autoexposure algorithms

Autofocus metric calculations.

Emccd (we currently use the tc-253).

Supporting the interfacing of an lcd viewport, and UI for handheld operation.

Cannon ef lens control drivers.

Autonomous image acquisition.

Image transfer via non-ethernet pipes.