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This is a legacy page. Information may not reflect the current state of the products or code.

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Eclipse/ExDT (and its special version for Verilog - Eclipse/VDT) is a plugin for Eclipse developed by Excelsior,LLC for Elphel,Inc.

The Eclipse/ExDT plugin adds a new perspective to the Eclipse IDE. This perspective implements a general purpose development environment which functional contents may be entirely configured by a user with any tools controlled by means of command line interface. The configuration is described in a TSL language based on XML and is open for edition.

Eclipse/VDT is a special version of Eclipse/ExDT aimed for hardware design with Verilog.

Where to Get?

The first more or less functional version is available at SoureForge: Eclipse/ExDT/VDT sources, work files and documentation

Invitation for Discussion

You are welcome to try the product and to discuss all issues of its concepts, current state and usage techniques with its developers! Do it right here, in discussion section!