Elphel cameras and Zoneminder

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We plan to make model 353 camera work with Zoneminder

Several ways may be considered:

  • imgsrv have the possibility to send MJPEG stream over HTTP
  • the RTP/RTSP streamer can be used with MPlayer and  AVLD
  • or the best way: RTP/RTSP integration in ZoneMinder

Configuring Elphel cameras and ZoneMinder

Using ccam.cgi to configure your monitor

Using the ccam.cgi to grap a snapshot in ZoneMinder works well. You will be able to easily implement this. Keep in mind that ZoneMinder has no facilities to determine the image size so this must be manually set in ZoneMinder to match the image being sent by the camera. Alternatively you can set the image dimensions in the path in ZM which would be preferred just in case for some reason someone changes the dimensions on the camera it self which would make ZM unable to process the images. These are my findings after having a go of it for a half hour: Using Ccam.cgi. ccam.cgi will soon be depreciated in favor of imgsrv.

Using " /admin-bin/ccam.cgi?opt=vhcxy " as your path in ZoneMinders Monitor configuration ( Keep in mind that I am using the sandbox camera so I'm not going to bother benchmarking )

Config-general.jpg Config-source1.jpg Zm-Monitor1.jpg

Using ImgSrv to configure your monitor

To use imgsrv all you must do is set the port to 8081 and the path to either /bimg for for an image grab or to /mbimg to get a mjpeg push stream. There is to the best of my knowledge thus far, not any way to request image parameters (Image size, scaling, etc.) or fps through the path using imgsrv so these must be set directly on the Elphel camera and your settings in ZM must match. If the setting do not match, ZM will not acquire the image being sent.You should also set on the camera to enable "Video Streamer" so that the camera continues to update its buffer.



ZoneMinder Settings you do not want to set a limit on fps as this has to be regulated at the camera on the following mjpeg push configuration. Config-source2.jpg