Eyesis4Pi 393 Panorama Previewer

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This WebUI made for previewing unstitched Eyesis4Pi footage - JP4s or JPEGs. It can be used for selecting panoramas - if all the panoramas are to be processed than using it is not necessary.

Previewer snapshot. 24 head sensors



Available for direct downloading from the Elphel Git or from a terminal window provided GIT client is installed:

git clone https://git.elphel.com/Elphel/eyesis4pi-393-panorama-previewer.git panorama_preview

User Guide


  • Clone the repository.
  • Install the required software.
  • Create a link from the web server root path to the source folder.
  • Place footage to /data/footage/FOOTAGE_NAME.
  • Extract a KML file from the Footage Procedures page.


  • Select the footage series in the Choose Date drop down menu.
  • Use map and Image number for navigation.
  • Use copy button to move the selected preview to the processing directory.