Eyesis assembly

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Step 1: Head + Front Ends (already assembled and focused)

Eyesis sfe parts.jpeg
Eyesis sfe assembled.jpeg
  • Connect cables to the Front Ends.
  • Put the front ends one by one into the head.

Step 2: Head + Boards

  • See Fig.1. There are 3 holes in the disk attached to the head bottom. The 1st hole is on the above of one of the 'eyes' and others are not - so it's easy to find it.
  • See Fig.2. Attach the part with main boards to the head (use thread-locker with these 3 screws). The cables from the marked sensors will go to the closest to the 1st hole board (on Fig.1,2 colors and eyes match)
  • Rotate the head counter clockwise (from 'hole 1' to 'hole 2') - attach the next 3 cables.
  • Remaining 3 cables go to the board near the 3rd hole.
Head boards 1.jpeg
Head boards 2.jpeg
  • Attach sync cables to the 10369 boards:
 * The 1st board is the one near the 1st hole.
 * J14 - cable foil up
 * J12, J13 - cable foil down
 * Better to start connecting with J14 side of the cable.
Sync cables.jpg


{a schematic picture + photo}


  1. Put a "cup" on the pole.
  2. Connect the corresponding cables from the box (coming out of the pole) to the head {add a photo with comments}
  3. Attach the head to the cup.
  4. Choose the head orientation and tighten the "cup"'s 2 big screws.