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liko.board top
liko.board bottom (with Mini-USB connected)

The Likoboard ([1]) is an Open Hardware pcb that can be used to interface with an Elphel camera over USB.

Some quick specs:

  • Based on GNU GPL library MyUSB
  • Compiled by GNU GCC
  • Can be upgraded by standard USB DFU tools
  • Atmel at90usb162 USB chip in QFN 5mmx5mm package
  • Atmel/Quantum QT1106 touch sensor in QFN 5mmx5mm package
  • World smallest 16MHz quartz
  • Micro buzzer
  • BC807/817 500mA transistors
  • Special sensor layout routed on one side of PCB for human touch control
  • Secured debug connector
  • Size: 39mm x 16mm x 4 mm


You can get the latest package including binaries for libusb, libhid, liblikoboard and php_likoboard with:

git clone git://

and install it on the camera with something like (replacing with your cameras IP):

cd likomapper-bin
tar cp . | ssh root@ tar xvp -C /


To build binaries from source you need:

You will need to modify some "" so that crisv32 is accepted as host type (eg adding "*" after "cris") before ./configure works, and some "libtool" script so that crisv32-axis-linux-gnu-ranlib is found (adding path) before make install works.

You can use crisv32-axis-linux-gnu-strip to strip the resulting binaries.

Build libusb-0.1.11 with :

. /?/elphel.env
./configure --host=crisv32-axis-linux-gnu --build=i686-pc-linux-gnu --prefix=/usr/local/crisv32 --with-pic
make install

Build libhid-svn with:

. /?/elphel.env
./configure --host=crisv32-axis-linux-gnu --disable-swig --with-pic --prefix=/usr/local/crisv32
make install

Build liblikoboard with:

. /?/elphel.env
ln -sf Makefile.crisv32 Makefile
make install

Build php_likoboard with:

. /?/elphel.env
export LDFLAGS=-llikoboard
cp modules/ /usr/local/crisv32/usr/local/lib/php/extensions/no-debug-non-zts-20060613/ .


The main configuration file is located at


Setting DAEMON=0 in /etc/conf.d/likomapper.conf allows you to run likomapper from the command line, without patching the firmware.