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Confirmed to work well if USB stick was created with unetbootin.


The goal is to replace the current Knoppix based outdated Live-CD with all Elphel relevant features pre-installed. This should be an image that can be booted from DVD, USB stick or as a virtual machine.


  • Flash cameras with firmware images


  • Pack camera firmware image into a Ubuntu package (*.deb) on launchpad to place files directly in /nfs, that way people can automatically auto-update to the latest version
  • camera discovery script should add desktop icons to open camera video stream in Mplayer/VLC/Gstreamer
  • (Done) Install VLC
  • remove µBlog on desktop
  • (Done) Use custom wallpaper that is already finished
  • (Done) Use new camera discovery icon that is already finished
  • (Done) Put link collection in firefox/konqueror bookmarks bar: Elphel Website, Elphel Wiki, Elphel Blog, Elphel Mailing List, etc.
  • Place desktop icon that links to the reflashing guide website
  • Instead of readme file on desktop use website link, that way we can keep the information current much more easily.
  • (Done) Make Elphel Wiki the homepage in all browsers
  • Implement all of the actions (discover,reflash,netboot,open stream) on a local webpage.--Oleg 18:23, 7 October 2011 (UTC)
  • In README.en on the desktop tell the user to grab the image from "" instead of "" otherwise users will go into the 7.X tree as that is called "elphel353".


If you created the USB stick with Ubuntu Disk Creator and get this error when booting from it:




and you should get this:


Where you can just press ENTER to boot without any errors.