PHG Post-Processing

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  • Applying pixel mapping information
  • Aberration correction
  • Distortion correction
  • Vignetting correction
  • Color correction
  • Denoising
  • Sharpening


  • Linux OS (Kubuntu preferably).
  • Elphel ImageJ plugins.
  • Locate calibration kernels for the current camera.
  • Locate default-config.corr-xml.


  • Launch ImageJ from Eclipse
  • Go to Plugins -> ImageJ-Elphel -> Eyesis Correction
Eyesis corrections plugin interface
  • Restore button -> browse for default_config.corr-xml (restores parameters for Configure correction)
  • Configure correction button - make sure that the following paths are set correctly (if not - mark the checkboxes - a dialog for each path will pop up):

Source files directory                - directory with the footage images
Sensor calibration directory          - [YOUR-PATH]/calibration/sensors
Aberration kernels (sharp) directory  - [YOUR-PATH]/calibration/aberration_kernels/sharp-007
Aberration kernels (smooth) directory - [YOUR-PATH]/calibration/aberration_kernels/smooth
Equirectangular maps directory(may be empty) - [YOUR-PATH]/calibration/equirectangular_maps (it should be created automatically if the w/r rights of [YOUR-PATH]/calibration allow)

Source file suffix - .jp4 if jp4 files are processed
Sensor files prefix - the format is <prefix>NN.calib-tiff - <prefix> is blank if the files are just NN.calib-tiff. For XXX-NN.calib-tiff the prefix would be XXX-
Sensor files suffix - default is .calib-tiff
Kernel files (sharp)/(smooth) prefix - same rule as for the sensor files
Kernel files (sharp)/(smooth) suffix - default is .kernel-tiff
Equirectangular maps prefix - same rule as for the sensor files
Equirectangular maps suffix - default is .eqr-tiff

Also the following check boxes need to be checked:

Convert colors
Warp results to equiretangular
Use projection to a common plane instead of the equirectangular

  • Configure warping (Skip if the files already exist) -> rebuild map files - this will create maps in [YOUR-PATH]/calibration/equirectangular_maps. Will take ~5-10 minutes.
  • Select source files -> select all the footage files to be processed - all files should be named as *_1.jp4 (example: test_1.jp4, something was hard coded, we will fix later)
  • Process files to start the processing. Depending on the PC power it can take ~1 minute per image.