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Using PhpShell in the Elphel 353 series cameras

Sometimes you need to enter some commands in the camera shell, normally it is done through telnet: With default camera ip of it will look like:


andrey@host:~$ telnet
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.
Elphel353 login: root
Password: <pass>
[root@Elphel353 /]1012#

And now you may enter commands that camera will listen to You may try



But sometimes it may happen that you do not have access to telnet program (on your cell phone?), in that case you may use PHP Shell program that is installed in the camera and have command access to the camera through the web browser. With the same camera IP of it will be just opening the url

Can be opened with a shell command executed, examples: -a /etc

editing files with editcgi.cgi

In the case that you just need to edit some configuration file in the camera you may use a simple web-based text editor, provided by Axis as a part of their SDK. The following line will open the directory with some camera configuration files that you can edit: