Plans for Libre Software Meeting 2012

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Official Website: Libre Software Meeting 2012, July 7th-12th (Geneva, Switzerland)

Apertus LSM Blog with reports about the event:

Outdated Notes

+ Sebastian has suggested that we make an Apertus film about the event, streaming talks and presentations live to the web with Elphel cameras. <- keep in mind that these are huge tasks not something we can do as side product

+ Another possibility is to do a small film project outside the conference scope just as opportunity since we all meet there.

+ Michael Green has expressed an interest in holding a workshop on the future of cinema and where our project fits in. This will also give us the opportunity to discuss a wide range of digital cinema topics.

+ Nathan is interested in having a real-time stereoscopic Apertus rig, setup and functioning in our booth.

+ Sasha is planning on delivering a 10-20 minute presentation examining how, as an Open Source project, we've fostered an international community of engineers, developers, artists and followers via our project website and online forum. The intention is to then hold a discussion analysing the success/disadvantages of our forum and whether its implementation is a viable strategy that other projects might benefit from.

+ Sebastian has applied to hold a talk entitled: "Apertus - open source cinema" :)