Rose-Hulman Robotics Team

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The Rose-Hulman Robotics Team is in the process of constructing an autonomous ground vehicle and will be competing in the IGVC competition. We attended the competition during the summer of 2008 but were unable to compete due issues with our motor controllers. We plan on attending the 2009 competition this coming year and expect to do better.

All of our software, hardware, and electronics designs are licensed under the GNU GPLv3 and are available from our subversion server. Documentation is provided on our Trac development site. If you are interested in helping with our code please contact one us and we can set up a user account so that you can have write access out our systems.


  • Our primary communication mechanism is our Trac website, see External Links below.
  • We also regularly converse on IRC in #rhrt on
  • We also maintain a mailing list, but this is primarily used for meeting reminders.

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