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The original article is in Russian, do not hesitate to correct the auto translated article.

In electronics very informative tool oscilloscope.

Oscilloscope analyzes electrical signals, and video analysis to obtain the parameters of the observed objects (such as phase movement) can also create such a device and deal with the following objectives:

  Identification of the angle on another object, camera or background
  bend-definition (angular velocity) of the time
  assessment of changes in the size of linear time
  - Timing for External events (for a picture, for the synchronization input, ...)

This can be very useful. You can measure parameters such as rods for engines of the shaft. Or calibrated stepping motors in a mikroshaga. You can get a support frame and a real-time display angle of the object to the supporting frame (electronic protractor). You can synchronize with external events and watch phase of the facility consistently or in strobe mode. Besides, you can have an active and feedback in the form of active illumination.

Applications may be more subtle. For example search source of noise and / or vibration difficult to compare construction phase and external traffic signal with a microphone. And while not essential to understanding the culture and the instrument is not a very specialized.

Objects put simply set points and control their movement correlator. It should be very simple and effective. In the simplest case, the point could be raised manually arbitrary therein mouse support at the site. In general search sites can occur automatically, such as through a system of filters. The background is also an object. It can carry more information in the form of linear calibration.

This is an absolute analog oscilloscope. Home simplicity and clarity in the use of those who have ever worked with oscilloscope:) In addition to all this device may also provide oscilloscope functionality or price data. ! ! That would be a smart camera in the full sense of the word. I think that the developers will simply mechatronics greatness.

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