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  • The micro SD card/adapter has to be modified or the USB cable with appropriate host computer driver is needed to boot from the uSD card - see Tmp_manual#Boot for instructions.
  • EXT4 partition mounted as /.

Prepare the card


  • After all of the targets are built in poky use files from .../poky/build/tmp/deploy/images/elphel393/mmc/:
    • boot.bin
    • u-boot-dtb.img
    • devicetree.dtb
    • uImage
    • rootfs.tar.gz
  • Partition table: msdos (gpt won't work) Format into 2 partitions: FAT32 and EXT4 (use gparted or command line instructions below), the order of partitions is important or change bootargs in the device tree accordingly.
  • FAT32: copy the following files:
      • boot.bin
      • u-boot-dtb.img
      • devicetree.dtb
      • uImage
  • If EXT4 is not empty - format it or delete old contents
  • Mount EXT4 to some <mountpoint>
    • unpack the rootfs.tar.gz, console:
tar -C <mountpoint> -xzpf rootfs.tar.gz


  • Insert, power on

Format micro SD card (command line, can be done in the booted from camera's NAND flash)

Example for /dev/sdX:

  • create partitions with fdisk , gparted or any other program:
    • the 1st partition is to be formatted to FAT32 - 1GB is more than enough
    • the 2nd partition is to be formatted to EXT4 - 2+GB

formatting with mkfs:

  • mkfs.vfat -F 32 /dev/sdX1

  • mkfs.ext4 /dev/sdX2