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This FAQ tries to cover the most common pitfalls and troubles you could potentially run into, how to solve them or even avoid them.


I can't get any connection to the camera

Lets first make sure you powered the camera properly:

  • If your camera is powered with the 48V (Midspan) power supply or equivalent make sure the power led on the power supply is on and that you used the correct Ethernet connector on the power-supply. It has 2 Ethernet jacks and only one of the has the 48V DC injected. Careful: Connecting the wrong cable and injecting 48V into your network switch or computer can be potentially harmful for your hardware. See Elphel 353 Quick Start Guide - Connection
  • If you have a 12-36V DC modified camera you received the power injector adapter with your kit. The current from the power supply is injected only on one end of the connector. Make sure its the right one. See Elphel 353 Quick Start Guide - Connection
  • You can verify that your camera is getting powered correctly by leaving it powered for 10 minutes and then touching the camera, if it got mildly warm your power setup is correct.

If you made sure your power setup correct and you still do not get a connection to the camera this is caused to 99% by problems related to your network configuration which is difficult for us to troubleshoot since every network is set up a little bit different.

  • The camera comes with default IP, make sure your connected computer has an IP address from the same subnetwork – that is
  • If you changed the IP of the camera and don't remember it you can use a broadcast ping:
ping -b
  • Is there any firewall blocking communication?
  • In general it is very handy if you have the 10369 IO extension board in this case as it lets you see and change the cameras IP settings through the serial port without establishing a Ethernet connection to the camera.

I can't get a video stream from the camera

This assumes that your general connection to the camera is working properly but that just receiving the live video stream does not work.

  • This could again be a network issue, make sure that port 554 is routed properly.
  • Try reducing image resolution in camvc or through parsedit. Most video players have difficulty displaying video with dimensions bigger than 2048 in width or height.