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Many applications (with open source and closed source) can work with Axis Video API.


ZoneMinder - It's an open source product. It support the framegrabbers, USB devices, and also the IP cameras, which work with Axis Video API.

Active WebCam

Active WebCam- commercial product. The version for Microsoft® Windows® is accessible only.

Axis products

These applications are have a 30-days trial versions.

  • Axis ActiveX This ActiveX allow to play the video stream. Free for use, but have the closed source code.

Products of Axis partners

There is many proprietary software which can work with cameras by using the Axis Video API. The list of these software development companies you can see on this page:

Utilities, which can play the video stream by using the Axis Video API

  • ffmpeg Very nice utility, which allow reencoding between different media formats. The library libavcodec from this package until now is considered as the best . This utility can obtain the live video stream from cameras and record as is or convert "on the fly" to other format (for example, avi). The application ffplay from this package can play the live video stream and recorded stream. You can find the list of necessary options for ffmpeg on the page Using FFmpeg with Video API.
  • mplayer Very popular media player, which also can play the live and saved video. For this accessibility the MPlayer should be recompiled with support of libaviformat from ffmpeg package (see Compile Mplayer For Using With Video API). All necessary options for MPlayer you can find on the page Using Mplayer With Video API.

Elphel, Inc ActiveX

This ActiveX allow to obtain the video stream by using the Axis Video API from Elphel and Axis cameras, to play it and to record the stream to HDD in any formats. More detailed information you can find on the next page: ActiveX.