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Webcam Viewer

Software needed to use high-resolution network cameras like webcameras that can be viewed from websites (ours and our clients) should demonstrate ... well, high resolution. But as even 3 MPix is higher than computer screens, some software is needed on the client to simplify image manipulation while preserving full resolution.

Here is a model html+javaScript Image viewer. It will be opened as a pop-up window from the main page to reduce the number of browser visible elements above/below the image area, url and refresh period (if any) will be passed to this window, and the last window configuration saved as cookies (not done yet). Refresh will use a dummy suffix to URL to make it different, the new image will show only after a complete download (also not done yet). Currently Mozilla/Firefox and IE6 are known to work, konqueror - known to fail.

The window uses a two frame frameset (so 3 files). The full size image (currently 3 MPix) is loaded from the server (once), the rest is done with javascript. The left frame contains a scaled image so it fits in the frame (the frame can be resized as needed by dragging the frame border), the right frame - a "zoom 1:1" fraction of the image. Clicking inside the scaled image (left frame) shows the rectangle matching the left frame that can be dragged by moving the mouse (button should be released). While dragging this rectangle the right frame shows its contents with full resolution.

Right clicking in the right frame allows saving the full resolution image, it is also possible to add a link to that image so the full image will open in a new window.

New version - does not use frames (could not figure out how to download image once and show in several frames without using extra bandwidth - maybe it is not possible at all). So now - it consists of just DIV layers, no autorefresh yet - only manual (button goes red during image update). Update - in the background, images are replaced when ready. Window size and the border position are saved in cookies.

--Andrey.filippov 12:06, 18 December 2005 (CST)

Zimbatm : I am currently working on a one DIV implementation. I expect to have it finished for the start of next year. The idea is to have only one frame containing the zoomed picture. You can move the inner picture with drag and drop. In a further version, I will add zoom controls and cross-browser compatibility.

Have you tried multi camera version? (Some options work if you hold SHIFT while clicking. --Andrey.filippov 01:21, 24 December 2005 (CST)