Eyesis4Pi Calibration

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Goniometer and IMU

Fig.1 Positive rotation angles in the calibration machine
Fig.2 Goniometer
Fig.3 IMU in Eyesis4π

IMU is ADIS 16375 - 2400 samples per second

During the calibration process the goniometer rotates the camera about 2 axes (y & z on Fig.1) by precisely known angles. To calibrate IMU one needs to match the goniometer angles with the IMU data. Notes:

  • The images are taken in the middle of the rest state of the goniometer.
  • IMU log contains 3 types of events: IMU data packet, GPS data packet, Image captured.
  • Images timestamps are recorded in the IMU log.

Calibration process output examples:

Camera 00:0E:64:08:1B:89 IMU calibration data:

Axial - angle about the z-axis in degrees (positive rotation is shown on Fig.1)
Tilt - angle about the y-axis in degrees (positive rotation is shown on Fig.1)