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Camera Development Tutorials

Arduino and Elphel Camera Tutorial

  • Use the Arduino and an infrared motion sensor to record video to camera internal storage if motion has been detected.
  • Use the Arduino to build a still camera by triggering a full snapshot with a single button pressed.

CVS on Sourceforge

Guide on how to contribute to the elphel sourcecode CVS tree hosted by sourceforge.

PHP Example Code

Look at a few examples on how to use the camera specific PHP functions and data structures.

Socket Communication Tutorial

This tutorial shows a simple way to exchange data between an Elphel camera and a host computer with a C Programm sending and listing to socket communication.

How to: Add a new color mode to camvc in 7.X firmware (outdated)

This Tutorial describes the file structure and the way camvc works by adding a new feature to enable jp4 encoding mode required for "on client pixel demosaicing".

How to: Add Crond to 8.X firmware

This Tutorial describes how to add the cron scheduling daemon to 8.X firmware".

Using phpshell

Describes how to execute shell commands from a browser or an AJAX call.

Changing camera parameters

Short notes on how to change the parameters from the GUI or with a single HTTP-request.