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Research Projects

There are several research and educational projects that use Elphel cameras. Some are already active, others just starting or only in planning stage. We believe that scientific research is the application area where the open nature of our products is the most beneficial. The shortage of the powerful and at the same time open and flexible hardware was that "itch" that led me to start Elphel.

This page is started to provide resources to those who already uses or plans to use Elphel cameras. This is wiki, so please feel free to add you project description/link below.--Andrey.filippov 14:59, 29 April 2007 (CDT)

SCINI: Submersible Capable of under Ice Navigation and Imaging

A group at the Moss Landing Marine Labs in Moss Landing, CA (USA) is working on a new submersible ROV (remotely operated vehicle) which will be first deployed in Antarctica in the fall of 2007; it is a three year development program ending in 2009.

They are planning on using an Elphel 353 video camera for the main navigation camera, and possibly adding on a second high resolution still camera sensor board for image collection. The ability to run video over ethernet with the rest of the communications means the 1000 foot (330 meter) tether does not need dedicated conductors for video transmission, which saves a lot of hassle! The configurability of exposure, color balance, frame rate, etc, through open standards and software means less reverse engineering and easier integration with existing robotics control software.

File:Camera module.jpg Prototype Waterproof Camera Bottle