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The problem with VLC is due to RTP/RTSP implementation with live555. Our patches for mplayer solve this problem, you can try to modify the patch to work with VLC.

For lenses: try the Fujinon DF6HA-1B

ccam.cgi: we are working now on rewriting it with PHP. for the interface: yes camvc is something standard, you need something more adapted to your needs. Why not use Pure-Data to build a real hardware control unit? (with buttons, cross faders etc..)


What is the maximum pressure you expect the Elphel to be handling? I see a possibility to use an Elphel as ROV too, but I wonder if the pressure it must handle could break it (especially when surfacing again).


We have made several housings for the camera. our latest housing will go 1000M deep. We only plan on going 300M this year but in the future we hope to go 2500M with this camera.

Of course it must be understood that the camera is in a pressure housing. The actual pressure that the camera parts (electronics boards 10353, 10359, sensors, and cables) will experience is only 1 atm (14.7 psi)

--aegdss 16:39:00, 2008-09-05 (CDT)

In this case you have a box in a box, how do you handle the optics in that respect? Is your hardware design also open I would really like to see how you have solved this.

--Skinkie 19:19, 8 September 2008 (CDT)

Not really a box in a box. The electronics (10353, 10359 etc.) are not in the standard elphel housing. They are in a pressure vessel (the SCINI robot) which has acrylic viewports through which the lenses see. older SCINI drawing. Bob Zook would know more about the licensing status of the design and when images of the new vehicle will be up. But he is SUPER busy right now getting ready for the Antarctic deployment.

You are correct in that optics are an issue. There was some problem last year as a ring of led lights around the c-mount lens was used. These LEDS caused a fair bit of flare. The viewport can be a dome or flat. Both types have various advantages/disadvantages but in general a dome port is better so that you can get a wider angle lens in and move in closer.

Underwater housings can be simple or complex. There are tons of links on the web. One DIY is Homemade camera housing. Prevco also has some inexpensive optically clear housings.

--aegdss 11:03:50, 2008-09-09 (CDT)