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Research Projects

There are several research and educational projects that use Elphel cameras. Some are already active, others just starting or only in planning stage. We believe that scientific research is the application area where the open nature of our products is the most beneficial. The shortage of the powerful and at the same time open and flexible hardware was that "itch" that led me to start Elphel.

This page is started to provide resources to those who already uses or plans to use Elphel cameras. This is wiki, so please feel free to add you project description/link below.--Andrey.filippov 14:59, 29 April 2007 (CDT)

SCINI: Submersible Capable of under Ice Navigation and Imaging

Rose-Hulman Robotics Team

Desert Star Systems

OSMCAM - camera integration

Spectral images of the Chilean strawberry

Antibiotic sensitivity diagrams

Optical tracking system for amateur rockets

Projects looking for Sponsoring

If you want to apply for sponsored hardware please add your project with a short (1 sentence) description below.

Floresta Vermelha (Red Forest)

The Red Forest project aims at shooting a short film using original soundtrack and original screenplay. The intention is to shoot using the standards of digital cinema of at least 2k resolution (but hopefully CIMAX) and RAW recording. To get there, we aim to shoot it with Elphel, use only free software and document on the process.

This page list the projects that were qualified to get free of charge hardware from Elphel.


An OPEN SPACE project competeting on the Google Lunar X-Prize.

AHAB2: High Altitude Balloon Payload

We launch high altitude weather balloons with recently improved sensors including an Elphel camera for imaging.

Public Primary School Rosa Boekdrukker

The public primary school Rosa Boekdrukker in Amsterdam is probably the only primary school in the Netherlands that develops OSS/GPL educational software.