Using 10359 mux with 10393

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Firmware image

20171120 or required apps-autocampars version is at least 1.0.52

root@elphel393:~# cat /etc/elphel393/packages/apps-autocampars 


Fig.1 10393 ports
  • cable sides as described here
  • a mux board can be connected to any sensor port
  • up to 4x mux boards at the same time (up to 4x do not require extra power modifications if 10389 is not connected)
  • sensor boards can be connected to any unused ports
Fig.2 10359 mux board (older revision)
  • if the number of connected mux boards is 1+ and internal SSD is used then extra power is needed (a lot depends on SSD power consumption):
quick mod: see Fig.2
lift pins 3,4 on J1, put teflon tape under them and solder a wire to those lifted pins connected. Then add a MOS transistor or a switch that will apply external 3.3 V to W2 when those J1.3, J1.4 have 

Modified device tree

Download and use this devicetree.dtb. The easiest way is to overwrite the device tree on the BOOT partition of a recovery SD card and then boot from it.

Application mask (assuming 10389 is not connected)

Without the 10389 the application mode is set in /etc/elphel393/default_10389.xml

root@elphel393:~# cat /etc/elphel393/default_10389.xml 
<?xml version="1.0" standalone="yes"?>
        <model>10389 not present</model>

To edit on the camera, use nano:

ssh root@
root@elphel393:~# nano /etc/elphel393/default_10389.xml

To enable programming mux board(s) - set corresponding bits in [19:16]=0x?, [15:0]=0x7777 - then convert to decimal. Examples:

  • mux on port 0 (bit 16):
<mode>96119</mode>  (=0x17777)
  • mux on port 3 (bit 19):
<mode>554871</mode> (=0x87777)
  • 2 mux boards on port 1 & 2:
<mode>423799</mode> (=0x67777)


root@elphel393:~# sync
root@elphel393:~# reboot -f

Phase adjustments

  • For each port with incorrect sensor phase. A quick link for port 0:
TESTSENSOR - test pattern mode
SENSOR_PHASE - mux or single sensor phase
MULTI_PHASE1 - mux port 0 (J2)
MULTI_PHASE2 - mux port 1 (J3)
MULTI_PHASE3 - mux port 2 (J4)
    • inspect image
    • TESTSENSOR=0x10008 - color bars mode, see Fig.3
    • MULTI_PHASE1=0x10000 (this worked for the tested setup)
    • MULTI_PHASE2=0x10000
    • MULTI_PHASE3=0x10050
Fig.3 Test pattern

Note: I had a script somewhere for auto adjustment

  • Save configuration (for port 0):

More details

device tree

  • decompile device tree
~$ dtc -I dtb -O dts -o devicetree.dts devicetree.dtb
  • the only change that is made to work with the mux board is:
-elphel393-detect_sensors,port-mux = "none none none none";
+elphel393-detect_sensors,port-mux = "detect detect detect detect";
  • compile device tree
~$ dtc -I dts -O dtb -o devicetree.dtb devicetree.dts

if 10389 is connected

Go to and program 10389 EEPROM

  • Enter camera's IP address in the 1st block (top-left)
  • In the 2nd block:
    • Read AUX
    • Set
Application = MT9P006
Application mode = as described for 10389-less setup
    • Program AUX
  • Reboot