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This is a legacy page. Information may not reflect the current state of the products or code.

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Elphel 353/363 series cameras and camera modules

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Goolge loves obsolete products: There is a new series of Elphel cameras that continue the line of 303, 313/323 and 333 - it is 353/363 now.

  • Elphel Model 353 cameras are designed for video applications, use small format (usually - 1/2") high-resolution CMOS sensors and C/CS mount lenses
  • Model 363 use large format CCD imagers, have higher resolution and lower frame rate - they acquire and send individual images. These cameras use 35 mm (or larger) format lenses.

The Processor Board (10353) that is used in both 353 and 363 cameras has the same physical dimensions as the earlier 10333 but has some important changes:

  • It uses Axis ETRAX FS - faster and with more capabilities than earlier ETRAX 100LX
  • 16-pin inter-board connector is replaced with high-density 30-pin one
  • IDE port from the CPU is routed to additional 40-pin high density connector
  • Sensor interface uses LVTTL 2.5V signals instead of 3.3V
  • FPGA is now Xilinx (R) Spartan3e 1200K gates
  • System memory - 64MB (SDRAM)
  • System flash memory - 128MB (NAND flash)
  • Image memory - 64MB (DDR SDRAM)
  • Web Interface Ideas may be implemented

The 10353 board is designed to be an engine for a variety of cameras when supplemented with additional modules.

Modules for the 353/363 series cameras

  • 10353 - processor board (computer part of the camera)
  • 10338 - 5MPix sensor board for 353-series cameras
  • 10357 - solid-state storage (can accommodate up to 8 CF cards - 128GB total)
  • 10359 - multifunction multiplexer/FPGA processing board. Can be used to connect up to 3 of the sensor boards (i.e. 10338, 10347) to one processor board. It can process the image data too.
  • 10347 - controller part of a two-board stack (currently with 10342 or 10344) to connect 35mm format CCD image sensors
  • 10342 - sensor board (requires 10347) for the Kodak 11MPix KAI-11002 CCD image sensor
  • 10344 - sensor board (requires 10347) for the Kodak 16MPix KAI-16000 CCD image sensor
  • 10349 - interface board. It has 4 ports USB hub, serial port, IDE port and some socket for additional boards.
  • 10369 - interface board with SATA port, 2 CF card slots, USB (4 ports), RS-232, 2 channels of optoisolated I/Os for synchronization, clock/calendar with super-capacitor backup power.

Sample images and videos captured with Elphel Model 353 camera

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Sample image 1: Elphel Model 353 camera (5MPix sensor)
Sample image 2: Elphel Model 353 camera (5MPix sensor)
Sample image 3: Elphel Model 353 camera (5MPix sensor)
Sample image 4: Elphel Model 353 camera (5MPix sensor)

Dedicated wikipage for images and videos examples.