Eyesis4Pi 393 Downloading footage

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git clone https://git.elphel.com/Elphel/elphel-tools-x393.git


  • ext_ssd_download.py - download footage from external SSD (connected to PC, camera off)
$./ext_ssd_download.py -h - for help
  • int_ssd_download.py - download footage from Eyesis4Pi-393 internal SSD (camera's eSATA cables allow to download data from internal SSDs)
$./int_ssd_download.py -h - for help
  • extract_images.php - split downloaded footage into individual pictures.
$./extract_images.php -h - for help
  • eyesis4pi393/footage_filter.php - filter out incomplete panorama sets from the footage directory
$ eyesis4pi393/footage_filter.php -h - for help

Step 1: Download footage example

1. Connect SSD to PC

2. Identify the device (using dmesg, for example). Example: /dev/sdc. The second partition contains footage = /dev/sdc2

3. cd to the dir

$ cd elphel-tools-x393

4. Download footage in 10GB chunks (the script has 20MB overlapping to prevent corrupted images in the preceding chunk)

  • Download 30GB but skip the first 20GB (download range = 20-50GB on the SSD), to /data/footage/test1 on PC:
$./ext_ssd_download.py -p /dev/sdb2 -n 3 -s 2 /data/footage/test1

result tree:
└── Crucial_CT2050MX300SSD1_001-part2 - each drive has a unique identifier, the script creates a corresponding directory for each drive and partition
    ├── file_2.img
    ├── file_3.img
    └── file_4.img
  • Download whole partition, to /data/footage/test1 on PC:
$./ext_ssd_download.py -p /dev/sdb2 /data/footage/test2

5. Repeat steps 1.-4. for the next SSD (if PC fits only one).

Note: The 3rd subcamera SSD's footage is 6 times smaller than the 1st and the 2nd as it contains images from 2 sensors, others - from 12 each

After footage is downloaded from all SSDs the tree will look similar to the following:

├── Crucial_CT2050MX300SSD1_001-part2
│   ├── file_2.img
│   ├── file_3.img
│   └── file_4.img
├── Crucial_CT2050MX300SSD1_002-part2
│   ├── file_2.img
│   ├── file_3.img
│   └── file_4.img
└── Crucial_CT2050MX300SSD1_003-part2
    ├── file_2.img
    ├── file_3.img
    └── file_4.img

Step 2: Split footage into pictures

  • extract_images.php:
$./extract_images.php dest_path=/data/footage/test1

Step 3: Filter

  • eyesis4pi393/footage_filter.php
$ eyesis4pi393/footage_filter.php path=/data/footage/test1/0 trash_path=/data/footage/test1/trash